Episode 110: Winners & Losers in a Post-Pandemic World

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Jeremy Goldman is the author of Going Social and Getting to Like, a former Inc. columnist, and the founder of digital consultancy Firebrand Group. In addition to FUTUREPROOF. he serves as the Director of Marketing & Commerce Briefings at Insider Intelligence.

2021 is one of the years with more uncertainty than just about any other in recent memory, and one of the areas people are most unsettled is the economy. That’s why we wanted to turn to Jim (AKA James) Rickards.

He’s the Editor of Strategic Intelligence, a financial newsletter. He’s also The New York Times bestselling author of quite a few books, including Aftermath (2019), The Road to Ruin (2016), and quite a few others. He is an investment advisor, lawyer, inventor, and economist, and now he’s out with The New Great Depression, a new book on the winners and losers in a Post-Pandemic World. We wanted to have James on because we all need a bit of guidance in figuring out the direction things will be going as we exit this pandemic period.

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