Episode 212: Autonomous Transformation in the Workplace

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Jeremy Goldman is the author of Going Social and Getting to Like, a former Inc. columnist, and the founder of digital consultancy Firebrand Group. In addition to FUTUREPROOF. he serves as the Director of Marketing & Commerce Briefings at Insider Intelligence.

We’re thrilled to welcome Brian Evergreen, a thought-leader and visionary in the realm of technological transformation and human-centered innovation.

He’s the former head of Global Head of Autonomous AI Co-Innovation at Microsoft, advisor to Fortune 500 execs on AI strategy, and now the author of Autonomous Transformation: Creating a More Human Future in the Era of Artificial Intelligence, which hits shelves this August and is available for pre-order now. 

We discuss how autonomous transformation can help create a more human centered approach in the workplace, whether or not technology is the hero or villain in this era of transformation, some of the potential societal challenges that might arise as a result of widespread Autonomous Transformation, how organizations can ensure that their  implementation of Autonomous Transformation technologies doesn’t compromise ethics or human values, and much more.

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Pre-order Brian’s book: https://www.amazon.com/Autonomous-Transformation-Creating-Artificial-Intelligence/dp/1119985293

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