Episode 107: The Future of Human Centered Design

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Andy Zimmerman is President of frog, a leading global design and strategy firm, and part of the Capgemini Group. Prior to joining frog, he was the managing director of Accenture New Businesses, where he launched the majority of what is now Accenture Digital. Previously, he was a managing director at Idealab, one of the first and most successful incubators, and the global managing partner for ebusiness at PwC.  

On this episode, we cover human-centered design and why it’s so critical, how augmented reality and virtual reality will inform customer experience over the next few years, how the pandemic might change the types of experiences that consumers crave, and how to walk the fine line between being too ahead of the curve and too behind.


On this Episode we discuss:

  • Human centered design
  • Misunderstandings about design
  • Creating business value with design
  • VR and AR

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