Episode 116: From Blackjack Prodigy to Sales Futurist

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Jeremy Goldman is the author of Going Social and Getting to Like, a former Inc. columnist, and the founder of digital consultancy Firebrand Group. In addition to FUTUREPROOF. he serves as the Director of Marketing & Commerce Briefings at Insider Intelligence.

If you’ve seen the movie 21 or read the book Bringing Down the House, you’ll be familiar with MIT’s legendary blackjack team that inspired both the film and book. It turns out being a blackjack prodigy is not only really cool- but it can also help when assessing and managing risk in the business world. Yuchun Lee, a member of that famed blackjack team, and current CEO of Allego is here  to tell us all about it. He’s led a very interesting life and now leads the company to help reps become better salespeople in our remote world. Allego is also recognized for how their enablement platform has helped train medical professionals to use the ventilators during this pandemic, which we’ll talk about.

His current success with Allego and past experience with his start up Unica (sold for $500m) prove him to be an effective futurist so I wanted to have him on to discuss everything from blackjack to AI learning.

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